Welcome to Jewelry 101! Whether you’re buying, designing, or fixing- we’ve got you covered. Our sales associates are specially trained and certified to help make your experience fun and easy.

For over 20 years F.A.O. Jewelers has been helping the Greater Brighton community celebrate their precious moments. If you’re new to our store, it’s likely that we’ve helped one of your friends, family or neighbors mark a special occasion in their life with a gift from our store. Jewelry, as with all things fashion, can be a scary purchase. Can I truly know what I’m getting? Why are two diamonds that are the same size priced differently? Where is the best place to purchase jewelry from? F.A.O. wants to help you answer all the questions you have. Even if you’re just in the initial stages of making a purchase, or if you’re just curious, stop in or give us a call with your questions. Keep in mind that educating yourself on jewelry won’t take that long and can pay of huge dividends (and you may even have fun along the way)!

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