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February Birthstone

Whether you are a popular gift-giver among your friends and loved ones or simply a gem-lover, we bet you would love to unveil the fascinating history of birthstones. Birthstones do not only mesmerize their possessors with their sheer beauty, but all birthstones have tantalizing tales to tell. If you and your loved ones are born in the month of February, you would love to discover the origin, meaning, and more about its special birthstone. So without any further delay, let’s walk you through all the exciting legends and mysteries behind birthstones.

History and Significance of Birthstones

Before we delve into the intriguing world of February’s special birthstones, let’s take a look at the history and significance of birthstones themselves.

You might have seen people adorning themselves with their birthstone rings, bracelets, or necklaces, but what’s the real story behind birthstones? And why have people been so obsessed with the idea of birthstones for ages?

The idea of birthstones isn’t new. You can trace their history and significance in almost every other ancient religion and culture. One of the first places where birthstones were recorded was the bible and the Book of Exodus. These ancient records shed light on the breastplate of Aaron, which contained 12 different birthstones. It wasn’t until the first century, a prominent historian called Joseph found a link between the 12 stones in Aaron’s breastplate and the 12 zodiac signs.

Besides this, birthstones have also been discussed in Hindu traditions and in other parts of the West. In the 5th century, an influential Hindu personality Ratna Prakisha described the relationship between birthstones, deities, and the week of the days. Hindus associate these stones with various celestial forces, which is called Navratna in the Sanskrit language.

Given the rich history and significance of these dazzling beauties, birthstones were encouraged to be used to provide healing powers and protection.

February Birthstones

February has one of the most gorgeous birthstones called amethyst which has an incredible historical background and a strong connection with love and spirituality. All thanks to its charming beauty, wide availability, and high durability, this purple gem is an extremely popular stone. Whether you want to use it as a decorative item for your home or wear it as jewelry, you can use amethyst.

Since amethyst has played a key role in history, there is an array of fascinating legends and folklore associated with this gemstone. So read on to know the roots and meaning of amethyst.



As far as the geographical origins of the birthstone are concerned, you can find it anywhere in the world, from the icy corners of Siberia to the lush rainforest of Brazil.

Amethyst originates from the Greek word, Amethystos, which means not drunk. The stone has been beloved by everyone since 25,000 BC. The ancient Greeks had a tradition of using the stone as a drink to remain sober the whole night, even if you drank the whole night! Ancient Romans also believed that the stone could keep you away from all the intoxicating powers of Bacchus.

One of the earliest records of amethyst was found in ancient Egyptian history since the days of Alexander the Great. Therefore, Egyptians have a history of carving amethysts into animal-shaped amulets. It is one of those important gemstones described in the Book of Exodus and is believed to be a part of Aaron’s breastplate. Not only this, but this precious stone has also been discussed in the Heavenly City in the New Testament Book of Revelation.

Owing to its biblical origins, the birthstone holds great significance. During the Middle Ages, the Royals possessed and proudly wore amethysts as the purple color symbolizes nobility. The stone was also popular among reputable priests as it was associated with piety. In this period, people of higher ranks and social status owned the birthstone.


As we unravel the meaning of Amethyst, the prized birthstone shares a special connection with the month of February and love. Lore has it, St. Valentine- whose day we commemorate on 14th February to celebrate love is believed to have worn a ring featuring Amethyst carved like a cupid.

Some people also believe that this stone has an extension of its powerful connection with love. They believe it multiplies fortitude and also promotes peace and serenity. The stone also helps you have clearer thoughts and a quick wit. In the world of Yogis, the stone also has been associated with the third eye and the crown Chakra.

The color-changing properties of the stone, which rise and fall when placed under different temperatures, are linked with the emotional transition we face in life. In such transitory phases, amethyst can help keep a clear mind, sweep all the negativity aside and help you in decision-making.

All in all, Amethyst has a rich historical and cultural background. Not only this, but this dazzling gemstone also has deep meaning and significance. All of these elements make Amethyst a perfect present for you and your loved ones! Make sure to give it as a gift to you and yourself, this February.

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