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When it comes to gemstones for engagement rings, diamonds are by far the most popular. There are tons of practical reasons most people choose diamonds for their engagement ring – they’re incredibly strong and stunningly beautiful – but these lovely gemstones definitely aren’t your only choice. If you’re looking for something more unique, these are the 6 best gemstones for engagement rings – that aren’t diamonds.


Rubies are one of the best gemstones for engagement rings and one of our favorite stones here at F.A.O. Jewelers in Brighton, MI.
Rubies are among the hardest known minerals, making them the perfect choice for something that will be worn every day – like an engagement ring. Besides their incredible strength, rubies are breathtakingly beautiful. The rich red hues of these stunning gemstones make them the perfect representation for love, romance, and passion.

Mohs Hardness Rating: 9


Another super-tough gemstone that’s perfect for an engagement ring is a sapphire. Best known for their deep, royal blue color, sapphires actually come in just about every color except red. Some sapphires even have a special property called pleochroism, where the gem changes colors based on how you look at it.

If you’re looking for something really special, check out star sapphire rings. These unique stones sport a scintillating star pattern in the center of the sapphire. The result is a truly unique and utterly beautiful piece of jewelry.

Mohs Hardness Rating: 9


If you’re looking for a versatile gemstone with tons of beautiful colors and cuts to choose from, then let’s introduce you to Topaz. Topaz is one of the best gemstones for engagement rings because there are options and variations that suit just about everybody’s taste.

Not only does topaz come in a wide variety of colors, from blue and purple to red and orange, but they’re tough as well. Coming in at an 8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, topaz is durable enough to wear everyday and beautiful enough to show off to everyone you know.

Mohs Hardness Rating: 8


Spinel is one of the most beautiful gemstones on earth. So beautiful, in fact, they are often mistaken for rubies. The Black Prince’s Ruby, a world-famous gemstone and one of the Crown Jewels of the UK, is actually a world class spinel that was mistaken for a ruby for over 1,000 years.

With a hardness rating of 8 and the type of beauty that can fool royalty for over a millennia, Spinel is one of the best gemstones for engagement rings.

Mohs Hardness Rating: 8


Another one of the best gemstones for engagement rings is the ever-beautiful emerald; find yours today at F.A.O. Jewelers in Brighton, MI.
If you’re looking for a gemstone that’s instantly recognizable and perpetually beautiful, an emerald may be the perfect choice for your engagement stone. This verdant gem rates between 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning emeralds are strong enough to handle the everyday wear of an engagement ring.

If you have a partner who has a thing for green, then choosing an emerald for your engagement ring should be a no-brainer.

Mohs Hardness Rating: 7.5 – 8


Another excellent option when it comes to alternate gemstones for engagement rings is aquamarine. This lovely stone comes in colors reminiscent of the watery world for which they’re named. This sea-colored gem is the perfect choice for someone who has an affinity for the ocean and is more than capable of holding its own in comparison to over gems.

Not only are aquamarine engagement rings beautiful and romantic, but they’re extremely tough as well. Coming in at a hardness rating of 7.5 – 8, there are only a few gems harder than aquamarine.

Mohs Hardness Rating: 7.5 – 8

Honorable Mentions – Moissanite

I think that no list of alternate gemstones for engagement rings is complete without mentioning Moissanite. With a hardness rating of 9.5, only diamonds are tougher than Moissanite, but nothing compares to the sheer brilliance of this otherworldly stone.

Moissanite might just be the rarest gem on earth, mostly because it’s actually extraterrestrial. First discovered in a meteorite in the late 1800s, Moissanite is so difficult to find in nature that it’s now exclusively made in the lab. These lab-made gems have the exact same composition, beauty, and toughness of their spacefaring siblings, but at a much more reasonable price.

Mohs Hardness Rating: 9.5

Design the Perfect Engagement Ring at F.A.O. Jewelers in Brighton, MI

When deciding on the best gemstones for your engagement ring, you don’t have to do it alone. The jewelry design experts here at F.A.O. Jewelers are here to help. With a huge supply of different high-quality gemstones, we can help you make the engagement ring of your dreams.

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