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Birthstone of the Month: June Edition

First of all, where did the idea originate from?

Birthstones actually have a somewhat religious origin. The Exodus describes a ceremonial breastplate worn by Moses’s brother, Aaron, encrusted with 12 gems. Laden with spiritual importance, it was believed that the 12 stones were related to the twelve months of the year, as well as the zodiac signs.
Over the years, the list of stones has been modified several times, to fit the epoch, and the tastes of customers and jewelers worldwide, but the idea remains the same.

What does a birthstone do?

It’s believed that wearing the appropriate gem for your birth month brings good fortune, love and happiness. But not only that. Birthstones are thought to help clear up emotional and mental blockages, and help your spirit keep true north.
A big idea behind birthstones is that, by wearing the appropriate gem in the appropriate month, you get to channel the Universe’s healing power to your being, and that helps you navigate uncertain times in your life, and find strength.

June Birthstones

June; find yours today at F.A.O. Jewelers in Brighton, MI. Those born in June are blessed, having not one but three gemstones to choose from: a classy pearl, a shimmering moonstone, and the wonderfully versatile alexandrite. Of course, each carries its own properties, so we urge you to choose wisely – pick the gem that best reflects your personality and your emotions. So, let’s talk a bit about them, and see which one suits you best!



Traditionally, pearls have always been considered some of the most elegant gems, as well as the most romantic ones, due to their origin. According to Greek myth, the first pearls appeared when Aphrodite, the goddess of love, emerged from the sea (famously, Aphrodite was born from the foam of the waves). The shed droplets of water that dripped off the goddess’s skin crystalized, resulting in what we today call pearls.
Through much of history, pearls were a gem destined only for the richest, most resourceful individuals, due to their incredible rarity. It was only in the 20th century, thanks to the culturing of saltwater pearls, that this astonishing gem became accessible to the general public.


Pearls are largely thought to embody purity, modesty and general calm. As birthstones, they will keep your aim true, and are also believed to chase away anxious dispositions, and quieten worry and fear.
Pearls are romantic in a pristine, innocent way, channeling the healing power of healthy love. Speaking of which, pearls are also believed to bestow various healing properties. In Sanskrit tradition, pearls were associated with long life and prosperity, while Asian cultures link pearls to healthy digestion.



Named by the Roman natural historian Pliny, the moonstone is one of the most fascinating minerals on the market today. While Pliny described the changing colors of the stone, in accordance to the moon’s cycles, Hindu cultures believed this stone to be actual solidified moonbeams, thus accounting for the stone’s different shimmers of color.
It’s the thin layers of feldspar caught inside the stone that cause the light to scatter, causing adularescence. While moonstone comes in several tints (yellow, pink, orange, etc.), the classiest and finest type of moonstone is practically colorless, with a thin layer of shimmery blue.


Because of its powerful connection with the moon and its cycles, this precious birthstone has always been associated with femininity. It’s a powerful fertility symbol, but also believed to convey other traditionally feminine qualities like softness and intuition. By sporting moonstone, you’re channeling divine feminine energy, and celebrating the goddess in yourself.
Moonstone is also a gem that represents change (much like the cyclical lunar transitions) and inner clarity. People wearing moonstone might be going through a time of transition, and struggling to find their way. This potent birthstone is thought to help them see the way, and find stability in a new phase of their life.



First discovered in the Ural Mountains, in Russia, this relatively modern gemstone is named for the then-heir apparent, the future Czar Alexander II. At its core, alexandrite is a very rare type of chrysoberyl, a popular mineral. The reason why alexandrite has, since its discovery, become so popular, is its unusual chemical composition, which allows it to change its colors. This allows alexandrite to shift from pale, emerald-like red (due to its chromium content) to deep ruby red.

To date, one of the rarest gemstones is thought to be cat’s eye alexandrite, which is an effect obtained through thin, appropriately-oriented inclusions into the stone, which create a cat’s eye effect.


Because of its Imperial origins, alexandrite is thought to be a very regal, very noble birthstone. Alexandrite is associated with an increase in self-esteem, and a shift in attitude. It encourages the wearer to find joy in every situation and to nurture self-respect and inner light. In time, this allows one to navigate difficult situations, and not lose heart.

Alexandrite is also a stone of physical wellbeing. It’s associated with healthy circulation, and thought to restore balance inside the wearer’s body. To put it simply, alexandrite steers you away from negative energies (physical, mental or emotional) and orients your soul towards light and freedom.

How to wear your June birthstone

June babies are lucky, since the month’s three birthstones offer a lot of versatility. Each of the three stones can be worn independently, or you can use other gems to compliment them. Alexandrite, thanks to its green sheen, pairs remarkably with emerald, while the deep blue hues of moonstone contrast well against diamonds.
Pearls, because of their impressive range, can be accessorized with several gems, including moonstone and alexandrite, if you’re looking to channel all three of June’s birthstones.

Looking For More Information?
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