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Birthstone of the Month September Edition:

Birthstones don’t hold glitz and dazzle for nothing. They have an element of mystery and intrigue to their dazzling beauty. If you and your loved ones are born in the month of September, take a journey through the titillating tales and fascinating history September’s mesmerizing birthstone holds.

Do birthstones have any ruling influence on your life?

Before we unveil the mystery and the meaning of the September birthstone, let’s talk about the influence of Birthstones on your life.

The idea of Birthstones isn’t novel.
Many people believe that birthstones date back to the Bible. The Exodus sheds light on the story of Aaron in which he wore a sacred breastplate with 12 gemstones, representing his 12 tribes. Owing to its spiritual significance, these precious stones were tied to zodiac signs. In 1912, an official birthstone chart was rolled out by the National Association of Jewelers.

But does your birthstone really influence your life? There is a special bond between your character and these bewitching birthstones. When you see your birthstone among a plethora of other gems, your eyes might sparkle and you will feel a distinct connection with your birthstone. The underlying reason behind this unique bond between you and your birthstone is that they are interconnected with your astrological signs. Consequently, your birthstones work on attracting all the Universe’s healing power and energies to you so that you feel uplifted.

These mystique stones align to your atmosphere by exuding a perfect wavelength to you. It is also believed that your birthstones may possess magical attributes that might foster strength and courage, and bring tons of positivity, joy and streak of luck to your life.

September Birthstones

While some months have two or more birthstones, September has only one birthstone; The opulent Sapphire gets the limelight all to itself. Primarily, Sapphire refers to the blue corundum but it comes in all rainbow colors excluding red. Interestingly, “parti” sapphires also exist which captivate its possessors by flaunting two colours at once.

Since Sapphire has been a crucial part of human history, many folklore and myths have popped up around these elegant gems. So let’s dig into the fascinating history and unique characteristics of these significant birthstones.



One of the most-prized gems in the world, Sapphire has been cherished for centuries. Traditionally, Sapphires share a regal history and its earliest records are found in Greek mythology which dates back to 8000 B.C.

The ancient beloved gem takes its name from the Greek term Sappheiros and the Latin term Sapphirus. Both of these terms translate to Dark Blue Stone.

According to the Greek myth, they used Sapphire to seek the blessings of the God Apollo. They often wore the stone while visiting the Oracle. Aside from this, the Sapphire stone is also linked to Abraham, and believed that this stone embellished the breastplate of the High Priest.

It was also assumed that Sapphires represent Heavens. Another enthralling legend linked with the stone is, Persian rulers assumed that the blue colour of the sky was due to the reflection of the Sapphire. An old superstition that originates from Italy dictates that Sapphires are used to treat eye problems and cure depression.

Throughout history, these stones embodied majesty and royalty. The stone was found on the robes of the Royals and elites. It was believed that these stones protected the Royals from harm and evil energies.

Meaning of the Sapphire

As we delve deeper and unravel the meaning of Sapphire, the stone symbolizes romance, integrity and wisdom. It attracts abundance, favors, healing powers and blessings. The fascinating mineral strengthens your intuitions and soothes your mind. Buddhists believe that Sapphires bring spiritual enlightenment and spiritual clarity in your life.

Since the stone features an eclectic and impressive variety of colorful hues of yellow, purple, pink, green, and classical blue; each color possesses unique attributes and characteristics.

The Yellow Sapphire stimulates the solar plexus chakra which brings a multitude of power, prosperity and wealth. Purple Sapphires are related to your spirit and invite wisdom to your crown chakra. The green varieties fortify your inner vision and cultivate the feelings of love and compassion. It also welcomes integrity. Pink Sapphires spark emotions and nurture your heart. Bringing clarity and purity in your life, White Sapphires add purpose to your path. Last but not the least, Royal Blue Sapphire has an interconnection with your third eye chakra. It enhances your awareness level, and helps you to take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings.

At a glance, the beautiful September birthstone is highly reputed as a symbol of creative expression, serenity, inner calm, and meditation. Sapphire also relieves pain and enhances personal expression.

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