Timeless classic. Sparkling beauty. Romantic promises.

Diamonds are a rare, unique reminder from our loved ones. Mother nature makes them tough so they can last for a lifetime of memories. There’s a reason why diamonds are a girl’s best friend, no matter what happens, they’ll never fade away. Diamonds celebrate your story as only such a timeless creation can, unwavering and forever.

Because diamonds are complex, they can be scary to purchase. Are you really getting the stone that you want? Are you paying a fair price for your stone? There are several things that can help you determine that you’re purchasing the right diamond for you and that you’re paying a fair price. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) provides 3rd party rating of stones which can be helpful in putting your mind at ease that the diamond has specific properties (There are other 3rd party grading systems as well including EGA, European Gemological Association).

F.A.O. Jewelers travels to Antwerp (the diamond capital of the world) to hand select the diamonds we bring Brighton and Hartland. Not just any diamond can walk through the door at either of our locations! We want to make certain that your diamond will be exactly what you want.