Skagen Watch Repair

While many luxury watch brands have managed to remain popular for more than a century, Skagen has taken a different approach. Founded in 1989, Skagen quickly caught on and became a popular jewelry watch brand across the world. By the late 1990’s, Skagen had become one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, further solidifying their place in the watch industry.

Here at F.A.O. Jewelers, we don’t just sell jewelry watches, we repair them as well. Skagen watch repair requires a polished clockmaker and here at F.A.O. Jewelers, we have just that. Before you contact our Brighton or Hartland, Michigan locations, let us explain the benefits of Skagen watches and the types of repairs they might need.

Modern Watches for a Modern World

Many reputable jewelry watch brands, like TAG Heuer and Omega, have endured through fashion changes for more than a century. Their classic look is what builds their popularity, but Skagen has taken a different approach. With a little over 25 years of experience, Skagen has built a reputation in the watch industry as a simplistic, modern watch brand.

Skagen watches are built with functionality in mind. There is nothing overly flashy about Skagen watches, but their classic design, mixed with modern styles, has elevated the brand to new heights. In fact, Skagen watches are among our most popular selling watches here at F.A.O. Jewelers. Of course, although they are made to last, Skagen watch repair and maintenance should not be overlooked.

Common Skagen Watch Repair Issues

As with any type of jewelry watch, there will come a time in which your watch is in need of repairs. Even a durable watch from Skagen needs a little tender love and care every now and again. Here are some of the most common Skagen watch repairs:

  • Leather or Metal Band Replacement: Your watch band is sure to go through some natural wear and tear. Even metal watches are susceptible to this. If you need a replacement watch band, we can help.
  • Replacement Watch Crystal: While jewelry watches are made to be durable, the watch crystal is more delicate than the rest of the watch. If it is cracked, a replacement watch crystal will be needed.
  • Routine Upkeep: Of course, you will also have some routine upkeep to keep your Skagen watch operating correctly. Whether it’s battery replacement or a larger issue, we can gladly help.

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If your jewelry watch is in need of repair, F.A.O. Jewelers can help. We repair a number of luxury jewelry watch brands including Skagen. You can contact us online or visit our Brighton or Hartland, Michigan locations today!