Jewelry Watch Repair

A sophisticated jewelry watch is truly an investment. While it can last you a lifetime, you must take care of it in order for it to continue to function properly. But not everyone is an expert in jewelry watch repair, a specially trained expert is needed to repair these delicate, yet durable, watches.

Here at F.A.O. Jewelers, our skilled and experienced watchmakers are able to repair a number of different jewelry watch brands. Before you contact our Brighton and Hartland, Michigan locations, let our experts fill you in on jewelry watch repair and the brands we are able to service.

Jewelry Watch Repair in Michigan

Jewelry watches are no small investment. Jewelry watches can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a high end brand. While these watches are made to last and are extremely durable, jewelry watch repair is inevitable. With an investment like this you will want a specialized watchmaker to take a look at your watch, and F.A.O Jewelers has just that.

Brands We Repair

At F.A.O Jewelers, we are able to repair and service a number of different brands of watches. Some of the jewelery watch brands we can repair are:

Of course, we also sell jewelry watches. So if you are in the market for one, we surely have one that will fit your style.

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