What to look for in a Jeweler


Choosing a reputable and knowledgeable jeweler is just as important as choosing the perfect piece of jewelry. There are many factors to consider when choosing your jeweler. F.A.O. Jewelers strives to meet all your needs and expectations as your trusted source for jewelry. To help you find the best jeweler for your needs we recommend that you use the following suggestions to make your decision.

What to Look for in a Jeweler

  • Conflict-Free Diamonds – Your jeweler should be able to answer questions about the origins of their diamonds and should only sell diamonds that do not violate human rights.
  • Gemstones – Your jeweler should know about different gemstones and be able to discuss the color, hardness, and other aspects of the different gemstones. They should also be able to explain the 4Cs of diamonds.
  • Jewelry Design – Your jeweler should understand the aesthetics of jewelry design as well as its impact on durability. They should also be able to properly size a ring.
  • Jewelry Repair – Your jeweler should be able to look at your jewelry and explain the precise repairs needed, including worn prongs, cracked gemstones, chipped channels, weak shanks, damaged clasps, and wear and tear that may require future repair. How experienced and skilled are they at performing repairs?
  • Listening – Your jeweler should truly listen to you and base their assistance on your expressed needs. Do they respect your wishes?
  • Longevity – How long have they been in business? Are they likely to continue to thrive as a business and be able to help you with future repairs?
  • Custom Jewelry – If they are unable to find a piece that meets your needs are they able to create a custom piece?

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