No matter if you’re the traditional type or have more of a modern flare, F.A.O. Jewelers can help you find a wonderful anniversary gift idea for your special someone! For thousands of years people have been marking their anniversaries with wonderful pieces of gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds! F.A.O. has thousands of unique and exquisite anniversary gift ideas to choose from, or you can work with our design staff to create your own one of a kind creation.

Anniversary Gift Guide

Anniversary Year Gift
First Gold Jewelry
Second Garnet (all colors)
Third Pearls
Fourth Blue Topaz
Fifth Sapphire (all colors)
Sixth Amethyst
Seventh Onyx
Eighth Tourmaline (all colors)
Ninth Lapis
Tenth Diamond
Eleventh Turquoise
Twelfth Jade
Thirteenth Citrine
Fourteenth Opal
Fifteenth Ruby
Sixteenth Peridot
Seventeenth Watches
Eighteenth Cat’s-Eye
Nineteenth Aquamarine
Twentieth Emerald
Twenty-first Iolite
Twenty-second Spinel (all colors)
Twenty-third Imperial Topaz
Twenty-fourth Tanzanite
Twenty-fifth Silver Jubilee
Thirtieth Pearl Jubilee
Thirty-fifth Emerald
Fortieth Ruby
Forty-fifth Sapphire (all colors)
Fiftieth Golden Jubilee
Fifty-fifth Alexandrite
Sixtieth Diamond Jubilee

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